Health and Safety Policies by Remote Trauma

Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policies are another legal requirement and as such every company employing over five people should have one!

A good Health and Safety Policy details the company’s commitment to health and safety, the roles and responsibilities of those within the company itself and the arrangements in place for the management of health and safety.

Rather than battling through legislation attempting to create a legally compliant Health and Safety Policy, why not pass this task on to the Remote Trauma team! We will ensure we produce a company specific policy in conjunction with your own requirements.

"RT's retained safety service is unique. They employ safety advisers with a broad range of backgrounds and skills including former series producers, qualified lawyers, paramedics and climbers. All of the RT team are approachable with a can do attitude, they have always been able to provide last-minute advice or support no matter how complex or challenging the request is."

Sam Chambers, Production Executive - Silver River
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