Pre-vetting Contactors

The correct selection and employment of Contractors is a legal requirement and can lead to a safe and hassle free production.

Here at Remote Trauma, we cut out the uncertainty in this process! We have an ever-expanding list of Contractors we have vetted on your behalf to ensure you hire only those who are safety conscious. We check their Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Qualifications and Insurance details before adding them to our exclusive list.

If you are seeking specialist Contractors who are not on our list, give Remote Trauma their details and we’ll pre-vet them on your behalf!
"Remote Trauma’s expertise was invaluable on location.  Their safety advisor coordinated between production and stuntman to ensure all health and safety concerns were addressed before filming went ahead.  They had an excellent appreciation for the difficulties of production on location and did everything they could to ensure that filming could still go ahead as planned, while accommodating their suggestions for health and safety."

Marie McLaughlin, Production Manager - Zig Zag Productions
"RT's retained safety service is unique. They employ safety advisers with a broad range of backgrounds and skills including former series producers, qualified lawyers, paramedics and climbers. All of the RT team are approachable with a can do attitude, they have always been able to provide last-minute advice or support no matter how complex or challenging the request is."

Sam Chambers, Production Executive - Silver River
Remote Trauma

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