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Risk Assessments

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Risk assessments are a crucial element of any production and are a legal requirement. You must produce a risk assessment that clearly details all known and anticipated hazards before you undertake any filming activity and in the event of an incident or accident, it becomes part of your company’s defence.

Remote Trauma has a reputation for providing comprehensive, easy to understand, risk assessments for all genres of production from comedy to children’s television, to documentaries and hostile environment filming. Our hands on approach to risk management means we can offer relevant, practical advice on almost any activity you are intending on filming. Our qualified, multi skilled advisors are experienced on location and in a variety of environments and can provide comprehensive risk assessments for most activities.

If you are filming in hostile locations, environmentally unfriendly areas or remote regions, we can provide specialist risk assessments and travel safety briefs that ensure you are fully informed about each area of risk including political, environmental, medical and cultural.

"The Online Risk Assessment service is very impressive and it’s reassuring to know additional advice for specific issues can always be given over the phone.  Remote Trauma has made our health and safety system comprehensive yet simple to use.  Highly recommended!"

Mark Wright, Managing Director - 360 Production Ltd
"RT’s Online Risk Assessment (ORA) system is simple to use, quick to complete and backed by the support of a very friendly and professional team. It gives me the confidence that my Production Managers have the tools to ensure the safety of our filming teams. RT is unlike any other health and safety company I have worked with before. They have broad range of specialists who are knowledgeable, friendly and understand what we are attempting to achieve editorially. Remote Trauma have the expertise to assist with every element of your production. They are a reassuring presence on all of our productions."

Elaine Foster, Head of Production - NERD
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