Urban Unrest Training by Remote Trauma

Conflict Management Training

Producing thought provoking and high rating television is in every creative's DNA. But what if the subject matter is contentious, controversial, emotive and presents a physical risk to your crews.
It is possible to influence the outcome of a potentially difficult filming encounter and successfully return to the edit with good quality footage. But to ensure your crews remain physical and mentally intact they will need some training.

RT's Conflict Management and Resolution training courses are production specific and have been developed to address the actual risks an individual may be exposed to while on location. Reading body language, managing your personal safety in a crowd, knowing your legal rights when dealing with authorities and understanding how to create a dynamic risk assessment are just some of the subjects covered during training.

The courses have been delivered in both a national and international arena’s with fantastic results. Recent productions that completed the course include Hat Production's BAFTA-winning “The Revolution will Be Televised” for BBC3, through to Montreal-based indie producer Cineflix Productions “Conviction Kitchen” filmed in Canada and Australia.

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